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2022 Ford Maverick towing jet skis on the beach

2022 Ford Maverick Truck Review - Kunes Auto Group

Published on Mar 18, 2023 by Editorial Team

Apr 14, 2022



As the demand for EV and hybrid vehicles increases, so does the expectation that these vehicles will one day meet the standard we expect from traditional gas-powered vehicles. Even as most major automakers have started their journey toward an all-electric future, there are still many that believe it will be impossible for the country to fully adopt the idea. 

Just recently, I had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of one of the newest Ford Motor Co. creations, the Ford Maverick. As a full size truck owner, of course I was a little hesitant with the idea of stepping into a truck that is truly bite sized compared to the traditional, tried and true F-150. Now, I understand that comparing a newly designed, compact truck to America’s best selling truck (for 44 years…) is quite unfair. However, as a self described “old soul” it is hard to think of the new Maverick as a truck. 

Despite all these preconceived notions and biased opinions, I was completely and utterly shocked with the experience I had driving the Maverick. This truck drives smooth, has sneaky power and carries all the utility that comes with a SUV or midsize truck. I am convinced that this truck is no joke and it is here to stay!



Any time you step into a Lariat trim level in the Ford F-series trucks, you expect comfort with a hint of luxury. The Maverick Lariat is no exception to this, as it perfectly blends ruggedness and style in the interior of the vehicle. Equipped with a power eight-way adjustable driver seat and a power six-way adjustable passenger seat you can expect to be in complete control of your comfort level. One of the highlights of my time in the Maverick was how comfortable the cab was. One might think that a compact truck like this would feel cramped and crowded, but it was quite comfortable given its smaller stature. I myself am broad shouldered and often find my shoulders seem to overtake most bucket seats. I was relieved to feel how comfortable these seats really were, not to mention the stylish design of them. I went on this journey with a 6’4” colleague of mine and he too, said the Maverick fit taller individuals quite well for being a compact vehicle. Once you get behind the wheel of a 2022 Maverick you will see just how comfortable it is!

The Maverick’s interior really shines as comfortable and modern.

Along with the comfort level and style, the tech features were up to par with what is expected in newer vehicles. Coming with a wireless charging pad, remote keyless entry, and pre-collision assist you will feel well equipped when driving the Ford Maverick. Overall, the Maverick’s interior makes words like “modern”, “comfortable”, and “unique” come to mind.



After realizing the Ford Maverick doesn’t feel as small as it looks, I decided to step out and actually take a refocused look at the exterior of the vehicle. As previously stated, I have a truck so I immediately went to the bed to inspect. I was shocked to see over 10 bed tie downs.

The Maverick truly shines in all situations. Even in places where a truck would not be expected, like a big city setting.

 For what it lacks in size, it makes up for in utility. Along with the multiple tie down locations, there is also the multi-position tailgate and multiple configurable slots allowing you the freedom to fully customize how to best use your bed. I was happy to see the bed also had a 110V outlet for added utility. One more awesome feature I noticed was the cubby storage in the bed. This truly lets you customize your DIY space.

It is obvious that Ford put a lot of effort into maximizing the limited space the Maverick offers, and when I spoke with a current Maverick owner they confirmed that. This proud new Maverick owner said she had considered buying an expensive bike rack until she realized Ford took the time to put out a DIY video on how to create your own bike rack integrated in the Mavericks bed. Overall, the Maverick perfectly blends a modern look with a traditional truck and has all the utility options you could ask for.


Power and Handling

Alright, here is where the “complete and utter shock” comes in. The Ford Maverick is a total sleeper. It will only take one acceleration from a stop sign to realize what this little truck is capable of. I know what you are thinking…”Yeah, I am sure that compact truck with the tiny little Hybrid engine is really powerful”.

It seems too good to be true, but the Maverick truly is a sleeper in every sense. The Maverick owner I spoke to was also surprised by just how powerful the little Maverick is. She said her young son enjoyed the feeling of being “pressed back into the seat” when accelerating quickly. This sort of feeling we would expect from a sports car, but never would expect coming from a compact truck. 

 I was also surprised to learn that if fully equipped, the Maverick reaches a towing capacity of 4,000 lbs. This doesn’t mean you should hook up your giant Fifth-wheel RV, but you should feel more than comfortable towing a small trailer or boat behind your Maverick.

Now let’s get to the part that probably drew your attention to the Maverick in the first place: the phenomenal fuel efficiency. The Maverick hybrid engine gets up to a 37 combined MPG while the EcoBoost 2.0L gets up to 26 combined MPG. Overall, very good for a truck regardless of what engine you opt for.


Final Thoughts

So as much as it hurts to say, I was dead wrong. I rushed to judge the Ford Maverick and painted it as small, pointless and irrelevant. In reality, it is a great addition to a seemingly untouched market. The Maverick is a great option for those who want a little of that utility a truck has but only has room for a compact car or smaller SUV. The Maverick shines on fuel efficiency and provides some surprisingly good power and torque, especially the hybrid option. The interior not only looks great, but feels like you are riding on a cloud. The Maverick is small enough to fit in tight parking spots and safely navigate busy downtown streets. Despite its small size, It has great potential to be a big success and win over a whole lot of “truck traditionalists” out there! 

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