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NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

NBC 9/22/2023

These are the GM and Stellantis parts centers affected by new UAW strikes

The Detroit News 9/22/2023

UAW Strike Expands Across 20 States

NBC News 9/22/2023

Introducing the Second Annual Champions of Charity (Page 15)

AutoSuccess 9/22/2023

How will the UAW strike impact the car market?

NEWSNATION 9/20/2023

US auto strike, if stretched, can push up car prices when inventories run thin

Bizz Buzz 9/20/2023

Navigating the UAW strikes: A guide for dealers on effective customer communication

CBT Automotive Network 9/19/2023

Targeted UAW strike takes aim at Big 3 automakers

Good Morning America 9/18/2023

Technical Training Day

Give Me Ten 9/18/2023

Buying a car? What the UAW strike means – and doesn’t mean – for auto sale

Yahoo Finance 9/16/2023

Buying a car? What the UAW strike means – and doesn’t mean – for auto sales

CNN 9/16/2023

UAW strike’s impact on car prices could be felt by drivers for years – and the entire buying process faces major delays

The U.S. Sun 9/15/2023

UAW strike’s impact on car prices could be felt by drivers for years – and the entire buying process faces major delays

The Messenger Business 9/15/2023

Consumer confidence in the auto industry is at an ‘all-time low’: Scott Kunes

Fox Business News 9/14/2023

Iron Faith Live Cook-Off returns to Faith Christian School on Oct. 21

Lake Geneva Regional News 9/13/2023

Tesla won't kill car dealerships, but it will force them to change

Insider 8/25/2023

EVs are running out of customers — and some dealers don't want them anymore

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Kunes acquires Greenfield auto dealership

Milwaukee Business News 8/22/2023

Announcing the 2023 Champions of Charity Honorees

AutoSuccess 8/18/2023

The 7 Best Car Vacuums of 2022

Better Homes & Gardens 8/2/2023

Best Auto Loan Rates and Lenders of 2022​

US News & World Report​ 7/27/2023

Should You But Out Your Car Lease in the Current Auto Market?

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Auto Sales Defy Gloomy Forecasts

The Wall Street Journal 7/5/2023

Event Listing: Green Bay Packer Rising Star Lukas Van Ness Meet and Greet

Lake Geneva Regional News 7/1/2023

Kunes Auto & RV Group acquires Oak Creek dealership

Biz Times Milwaukee 6/22/2023

Kunes Auto & RV Group buys All Star dealership in Oak Creek from Boyland

Milwaukee Business Journal 6/22/2023

Car dealers reveal their best tips for getting a good deal

Insider 6/10/2023

Kunes Auto & RV Group Holds Mosaic Training

RV News  6/8/2023

The best tips for buying a car, according to dealers

Insider 6/6/2023

Auto Dealers: 2023 Industry Outlook and Opportunities

American Express Trends and Insights 5/31/2023

Is Your State Going EV? 10 States With Most Electric Cars Per Capita

Go Banking Rates 5/22/2023

Why Is Inflation So Stubborn? Cars Are Part of the Answer.

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Automakers abandoned the starter car - and it's raising prices for everyone

Insider 4/10/2023

Cheap new cars are going extinct while $60,000 trucks flood the market

Insider 4/10/2023

Event Listing: Faith Promise - A Night of Worship

Lake Geneva Regional News 4/10/2023

Car dealers fight the threat of extinction as the Teslafication of their industry intensifies

Insider 3/24/2023

Buying a car isn't going to get better - so you might as well buy now

Insider 3/16/2023

Don't Fall For These Five Auto Dealership Dodges

TheStreet 3/14/2023

Car buyers rejoice: discounts are making a comeback

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Buying Your Teen a Car? Experts Offer Advice

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Auto leases down while prices are up – Scott Kunes with some interesting information

In Wheel Time Car Talk Podcast 2/23/2023

Kunes RV Hosts Series of Shows

RV News 2/8/2023

The Best Way to Get Ice Off Your Windshield, According to Car Experts

Apartment Therapy 2/5/2023

Inflation Won’t Stop 2023 Auto Sales Growth Amid Chip Recovery

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Trucking facing bumpy road to alternative fuel power

TU Automotive 12/14/2022

Used Vehicle Market Heating Up at Year End

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Kunes receives award for 'Best Dealership to Work for'

Wisconsin Business 10/31/2022

Kunes Auto & RV Group acquires RV dealerships in Lake Mills, Wisconsin Rapids

Biz Times Milwaukee 9/26/2022

Kunes Auto & RV Group Acquires 2 Wisconsin RV Dealerships

RV Business 9/23/2022

Kunes RV Acquires Two New Locations

RV News 9/23/2022

Kunes Auto & RV Group Expands its Roster

WisBusiness 9/22/2022

Kunes RV Launches RV Panda E-Commerce Website

RV Business 9/14/2022

September Issue | Champions of Charity

AutoSuccess 9/1/2022

Auto Industry Professionals Weigh Solutions to Persisting Technician Shortage​

MarketScale​ 8/17/2022

10 Ways to Afford a Car in an Inflated Economy​

GoBankingRates​ 8/16/2022

091: RV Travel Trends and Tips for National Outdoors Month with Tom Hamil

Saving with Steve Podcast 8/13/2022

Food kit packaging event at Kunes Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, Lake Geneva​

Lake Geneva Regional News​ 7/25/2022

Dealer Insider with Scott Kunes of Kunes Auto Group​

AutoSuccess​ 7/22/2022

Wisconsin Dealer Puts Faith in Expansion​

RV News​ 7/22/2022

Industry Insider Tips from Kunes Auto Group​

Auto Success: The Podcast​ 7/22/2022

HR 2 Cyndi Bray: Denver's Entrepreneur | Online Auto Sales | Bronco's & Car Reviews 7/11/22​

KLZ-560 Denver​ 7/11/22

Kunes Family Foundation pledges $450,000 to Delavan's Aram Public Library​

Lake Geneva Regional News 1/29/2022​

Kunes Family Foundation pledges $450,000 to Delavan's Aram Public Library for renovation project​

Lake Geneva Regional News​ 1/28/2022

Kunes Auto Group looks to trade-in hunger​

Lake Geneva Regional News​ 1/17/2022