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Community Support and Generosity: Gregg Kunes Donates to I Like Giving | Kunes Auto Group

Published on Aug 23, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

At Kunes Auto Group, we believe in going beyond delivering exceptional customer service to serving our community. Gregg Kunes, President of Kunes Auto Group, has donated $10,000 to the inspiring non-profit organization, I Like Giving. Here's a look into what this partnership means and how it aligns with our core values.

Kunes Auto Group and I Like Giving: A Partnership Rooted in Generosity

I Like Giving, founded by Brad Formsma in 2010, strives to create a generous world, to make it a better world for all. With their vision of promoting a culture of generosity, I Like Giving has inspired over 125 million people globally through world-class short films and programs.


Kunes Auto Group's mission aligns with the values and vision of I Like Giving. We don't just sell and service cars; we make sure people are treated fairly and with kindness, supporting them in taking care of their families and contributing to their communities.

Kunes Auto Group: More Than Just Cars

Our community support is not just limited to donations. We strive to enhance the cities and towns we live and work in every day. Through the Kunes Family Foundation, funded by a 10% tithe off of each store’s profits before tax, we support local, national, and international charities focused on biblical giving and helping those in need.


As a company grounded in Christian values such as honesty, compassion, integrity, respect, kindness, and community responsibility, we empower our team members to reflect these values in how we conduct our business and care for our employees and customers.

Gregg Kunes' $10,000 Donation: A Step Toward a Better Community

Gregg Kunes' generous donation to I Like Giving is a manifestation of Kunes Auto Group's commitment to making our communities better places to live, work, and play. It's more than a monetary contribution; it's a testament to our belief in a generous world and the principles that guide our business.


Join us in making a difference. Learn more about I Like Giving and how you can contribute to creating a world filled with kindness and compassion.


Kunes Auto Group's donation to I Like Giving reinforces our dedication to community service and aligns perfectly with our core values. We're proud to partner with an organization that shares our mission of generosity and community support. We invite you to explore our range of automotive services and become part of our family that believes in giving back.

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