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From EV Shortages to Overflow: Kunes Auto Group Weighs In

Published on Aug 29, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

You might've heard the whispers about more EVs being produced and how dealerships are swimming in them. Today, we’re bringing you some insider info straight from our very own Scott Kunes.

The Electric Surge

Here’s the deal: factories have been working overtime, churning out EVs left, right, and center. But, like a kid with too much candy, some dealerships are saying, “Whoa, slow down!”


Scott Kunes, our Chief of Operations here at Kunes Auto and RV Group, shared with Insider that, “We have turned away EV inventory.” Why? It’s simple. Before we dive deep into stocking more EVs, we want to make sure the ones we have get the love they deserve. Scott added, “Automakers are asking us to make a big investment, and we want to see some return on that.”

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The EV Shift

Many shoppers are pausing and pondering if they're ready to make the EV leap, especially with an extra $10k on the price tag. Charging worries and the whole “Will I run out of juice in the middle of nowhere?” thought doesn't help either.

electric vehicle plugged into a charging station

From Shortage to Surplus

Once upon a time, getting your hands on an EV was like hunting for a unicorn. They were rare, shiny, and everyone wanted one. Fast forward to today: there’s an almost-overwhelming number of EVs waiting at dealerships.

The Dealer’s Perspective

Our buddies from other dealerships are echoing our sentiments. Some are even turning down EVs because they have more than they can handle. And let’s face it – no one likes to see cars gathering dust, especially when they’re as cool as EVs.

Here at Kunes Auto Group, we're all about giving you the best. As the EV scene evolves, you can trust us to keep you in the loop!


Read the full article from Insider here.

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