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How to Pump Gas Safely: Myths and Truths Revealed | Kunes Auto Group

Published on Aug 21, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

When it’s winter and you need to refuel, have you ever thought to yourself, "Can I pump gas while my car's running?" NASCAR drivers do it, but should you?


Kunes Auto Group is here with your answers!

Why Turning Off Your Engine is the Safest Bet

When it's freezing, we all want to keep our car's warmth. However, safety should always be the top priority. Here’s why:

Potential Fire Hazards: Fires at the pump from engines left on are rare, but they do happen. Gasoline can ignite at 536°F. Guess what? Parts of your car, like the catalytic converter, can get hotter than that. Though chances are slim, gasoline vapors can drift down to these hot parts.
Electrical Glitches: Electrical issues in cars can cause sparks. You definitely don't want a spark near gasoline!
Legal Matters: Many states follow the International Fire Code (IFC). This means cars should be off when fueling.

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Refueling Safely: Other Tips to Know

Refueling safely doesn’t just stop at turning off your engine. Here are some more tips:

Stay Put: Sliding in and out of your car can cause static electricity. This static can spark when you touch the fuel nozzle. If you have to re-enter your car, touch a metal part of it when you exit, before touching the nozzle.
Disconnect Gadgets: Unplug devices from your car's ports. Even with the engine off, some ports still have power.
No Smoking: Combining gasoline and fire? Bad idea. Most places forbid smoking near the pump. So, hold off on that cigarette until you're done.
Don’t Overfill: Once the pump clicks, stop. Filling more can hurt your car's vapor system and might even cause a spill.
Cell Phones: Worried about using your phone at the pump? Modern research says it's safe. But, to be ultra-careful, keep your attention on refueling.


Bonus Tip!: A healthy car is a happy car. Regular fuel system check-ups and cleanings keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our expert technicians at your local Kunes Service Center are here to help with all your car care needs.

Stay Fueled and Safe

Refueling properly ensures that you, and everyone around you at the pump, can have a safe experience. Remember these tips and always prioritize safety. For more automotive insights and tips, keep following the Kunes Auto Group blog!

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