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Kunes Auto Group Exclusive: The 2026 Honda Prelude’s Secret Revealed!

Published on Nov 1, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Prepare to be thrilled, because we at Kunes Auto Group are bringing you exclusive insights into the highly anticipated return of the Honda Prelude! This iconic car, a symbol of style and high performance, captivated hearts in the 1970s through the 1990s. After a brief hiatus, Honda is ready to reclaim its glory with the all-new Prelude, and we've got the inside scoop.

Why is everyone talking about the 2026 Honda Prelude?

profile view of white 2026 Honda Prelude

In today's world where electric sedans and SUVs dominate, the reintroduction of a two-door coupe like the Prelude is a game-changer. It's not just any coupe – it's a masterful blend of the classic Prelude charisma with cutting-edge hybrid-electric technology. This new Prelude isn't just a nod to the past; it's a bold leap into the future of automotive innovation.

Let's dive into the details!

The 2026 Prelude's hybrid system is a marvel of engineering, skillfully integrating the power of gasoline with advanced electric capabilities. Expect performance that surpasses the Accord Hybrid’s 204 horsepower. While a manual transmission might be off the table, Honda has focused on optimizing the driving experience with exhilarating performance metrics.

back of white 2026 Honda Prelude; photo taken from above

The design of the new Prelude is a perfect homage to its legendary predecessors, fused with contemporary aesthetics. Think of it as the modern evolution of the Accord coupe, but with a distinct flair that sets it apart. 

This isn't just about bringing back a two-door sports car to Honda's lineup; it's about redefining what a sports car can be in the electric age.

Even though the Prelude is currently presented as a concept, its design and features are practically ready for production. Honda is paving the way for an electrifying range of sports cars, hinting at successors even to the esteemed Acura NSX.

script on decklid for white 2026 Honda Prelude

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Continue reading below for more about the Honda Prelude

Take a step back in time and learn the history of the Honda Prelude, an iconic car that has captured the hearts of many over the decades.

The Birth of the Prelude (1978-1982)

Forest green 1979 Honda Prelude speeding down a street

Let's jump into our time machine and head back to 1978. Imagine everyone grooving in bell-bottom jeans and jamming to disco tunes. That's the year Honda decided to roll out something cool - the first-ever Honda Prelude. Think of it as a snazzy, smaller car that looked a bit like the Honda Accord but had its own special style.


This first version of the Prelude was really sleek – kind of like the cool kid on the block. It was made for fun drives around town. Sure, it didn't have a super big engine – just a 1.6-liter one – but it was still a blast to cruise in. The Prelude was Honda's way of adding a little extra excitement to their lineup, and boy, did it make a splash!

The Second Generation (1983-1987)

1985 red Honda Prelude parked next to a state prison

Now let’s zip forward to the 80s – a time of big hair, bright colors, and, you guessed it, the next chapter for the Honda Prelude. The second version of this cool car hit the streets, and it was like the first one but with some awesome upgrades.


First off, this Prelude got a little bigger, like it hit a growth spurt. Then came the really neat part – pop-up headlights! They were the thing to have back then (imagine headlights that play peekaboo). And under the hood? A stronger engine to give you more zip when you hit the gas.


Want to know the super cool part? Honda decided to add something called four-wheel steering to some of these Preludes. That's a fancy way of saying the car was easier to steer and could make sharper turns – pretty cutting-edge stuff for the time. This feature was a big deal and made the Prelude a favorite for car fans who loved something a bit different and fun to drive.

The Sporty Era (1988-1991)

1991 red Honda Prelude parked on the street

This was a time when the Honda Prelude really started to flex its muscles! We're talking about the third generation here, and oh boy, did it show off a sportier attitude.


This new Prelude looked like it hit the gym – it had a bolder, more aggressive style that made it stand out. Think of it as getting a cool new haircut that turns heads. And when it came to driving? It was smoother and sharper, like it knew exactly what it was doing on the road.


But the real game-changer was under the hood. Say hello to the B20A engine! This was the heart of the Prelude, pumping out more power and making the car more exciting to drive. It was like the car had a big cup of strong coffee and was ready to zip around with extra energy. This change was just what the Prelude needed to keep car lovers thrilled and coming back for more.

The Revolutionary 90s (1992-1996)

1995 red Honda Prelude parked in the street; profile shot

Ah, the early 90s – those were the days when the Honda Prelude really started to spice things up! We're talking about the fourth generation, which kicked off in 1992. This wasn't just any new model – it was like the Prelude had a total makeover!


Gone were the sharper edges from the previous models, and in came a look that was smoother and more modern. Think of it like the Prelude went from wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a sleek, new outfit. But the coolest part wasn’t just how it looked – it was what was going on under the hood.


Enter the VTEC engine, a name you might have heard buzzing around in car talks. VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control – sounds super technical, right? Here's what it really means: this engine was smarter, making the car run better and use less gas. That’s like having a brainy friend who's also a track star! This was a big moment for Honda, showing off how they could make cars that were fun to drive and good with fuel – a win-win!

The Final Bow (1997-2001)

black 2001 Honda Prelude

In the late 90s, we saw the last chapter of the Honda Prelude story. This was the fifth generation, and let me tell you, it was pretty cool. It had a slick look, even better VTEC engines, and felt more sporty. But as the year 2000 was coming up, people weren't as into sporty coupes like the Prelude anymore. So, in 2001, Honda said goodbye to the Prelude. It was a bit sad, but hey, all good things come to an end, right?

The Legacy Lives On

Even though the Prelude was discontinued, its legacy lives on. It set the stage for Honda's innovation in sporty and efficient vehicles. The Prelude wasn't just a car; it was a statement - blending style, performance, and technological advancements.

What's Next?
Rumors are swirling about a new Honda Prelude, potentially blending the classic style with modern hybrid technology. While we at Kunes Auto Group wait for official news, we're excited about the possibilities!


The Honda Prelude's journey from a trendy 70s coupe to a 90s tech-savvy sports car is a fascinating part of automotive history. It's a story of innovation, style, and Honda's commitment to driving excitement. We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as we did!


Stay tuned to Kunes Auto Group for more engaging stories and updates from the auto world. Who knows, we might be talking about the rebirth of the Prelude soon!

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