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Kunes Auto Group News Kunes Auto RV Group Expands Its Roster

Published on Aug 3, 2023 by Dylan Weiher

Sep 22, 2022

Midwest Auto Group Purchases Two RV Dealerships in Lake Mills, Wisconsin Rapids

ELKHORN, WI (September 22, 2022) –– Kunes Auto & RV Group, with more than 40 auto and RV dealerships spanning the Midwest, today announced it has added two new RV dealerships to its already robust roster. The family-owned auto group purchased Fathead’s Country Campers and Fatheads Rapid RV in Lake Mills and Wisconsin Rapids, respectively. The RV dealerships now operate under Kunes RV Lake Mills Inc and Kunes RV Wisconsin Rapids Inc, giving Kunes a total of 42 dealerships, 14 of which sell RVs.

“Covid-19 and the financial turmoil that followed turned business on its head,” said RV Director at Kunes Auto & RV Group, Tom Hamil. “In many industries, business ground to a halt, but the ability to work remotely and the desire to travel safely during the pandemic propelled RV sales by more than 15%.”

RV sales aren’t the only part of Kunes’ business that thrived despite a volatile market; Kunes more than doubled its operations coming out of the pandemic, growing from 23 locations at the start of 2020 to 42 today.

“The real test in the auto industry came after the pandemic when supply shortages left many dealerships with nearly empty lots,” says Chief Operating Officer of Kunes Auto & RV, Scott Kunes. “When people were ready to buy cars again, we were fortunate to have inventory that other dealerships didn’t. This helped us offer better selection and keep prices moderate to stay competitive, and largely contributed to our success.”

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