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Lisa Rosue, Kunes RV marketing manager, and Ben Grubert from Cherokee Wolf Pack, on the back patio of a 2023 Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D; Text says: Kunes Camper Convos, Ben Grubert w/Cherokee Wolf Pack

Kunes Auto & RV Group Presents Camper Convos: The 2023 Cherokee Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D and Ben Grubert

Published on Aug 17, 2023 by Lisa Rouse

In this episode of Kunes Car Convos

  • Ben talks about his family (1:30)
  • How did Ben get started in the RV industry? (3:30)
  • And we talk about all the cool new things Cherokee Wolf Pack is coming out with (9:15)

SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND: The New Diamond Series from Wolf Pack SPARKLES in Comparison to the Competition

August 16, 2023


In the realm of recreational vehicles, 2023 has brought forth a new contender that promises to redefine the way we experience travel and adventure. The 2023 Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D Toy Hauler has hit the market with a blend of innovative features, thoughtful design, and unparalleled versatility, setting it apart from the rest in the fiercely competitive RV industry.


Watch as Lisa Rouse, Marketing Manager with Kunes RV, chats with Ben Grubert from Cherokee Wolf Pack about their new Diamond Series and what sets them apart from the competition!

RADIANT Design: The Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D showcases an ingenious design that seamlessly combines luxurious living spaces with an expansive cargo area. The term “toy hauler” doesn’t quite encapsulate the full potential of this RV. The versatility is endless. The garage doesn’t just have to carry toys.  It can become a bunkroom, mobile office and more.  The new three-season garage wall at the rear of the garage is so much more convenient than traditional canvas walls you see in other toy haulers. With doors that slide open, it brings the outdoors in and keeps the elements out.

intreior of storage portion inside the Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D


While adventure is at the forefront, the Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D doesn’t compromise on comfort. The interior boasts modern amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen with a 30” residential microwave and solid-surface countertops. The new Diamond Series features a bed slide, allowing you more room in the bedroom with a roomy front closet with ample storage. A fireplace in the bedroom takes the chill off a cool summer morning or adds some ambience in the evening. 

interior view of the kitchenette in the Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D

TWINKLING Tech-Forward Features

From the LED lighting to the on-demand tankless water heater to the 6-point auto leveling system, Wolf Pack has it all. They’ve thought through everything-including the generator. Their NPS Generator powered by Yamaha means that you don’t have to search high and low for someone to service your generator. Any Yamaha service center can get your issue addressed and back out camping.

view of the theatre room from the kitchen inside the Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D

GLITZY Glamping

Wolf Pack has moved away from the man-cave feel with its interiors.  Warmer colors and modern fixtures give the living space a homier feel. Storage is within reach and isn’t limited to the garage. There is room for all the items needed for an extended stay: cabinets, cubbies and closets give you plenty of places to put everything. Ample storage compartments, both inside and outside, provide convenient spaces to stow away gear, tools, and essentials, ensuring a clutter-free living environment.

closer view of the theatre and kitchenette in the Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D

In a landscape where RV enthusiasts demand more than just a mode of transportation, the 2023 Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D Toy Hauler emerges as a game-changer. Its innovative design, luxurious comforts, technological advancements, adaptability, and ample storage make it a force to be reckoned with in the competitive market.  While most toy haulers with the amenities that the Diamond Series offer come with a hefty price tag into the six-digits, the Wolf Pack Diamond Series remains competitively priced at around $85,000.

The Wolf Pack 4500PACK14D layout

As adventurers yearn for experiences that seamlessly blend comfort and exploration, this toy hauler stands as a testament to Cherokee’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining the concept of innovative camping and forward thinking-all at a price that sets them apart from their competition. At Kunes RV-we carry a full line of Wolf Pack travel trailer and fifth wheel toy haulers. Check them out today and then let the adventure begin!

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