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Pictured: Jan Helms, Riley the dog, Evan Ferguson, and Lauren Johnson; Text reads: Kunes Car Convos, Jan Helms - Western Ill. Animal Rescue

Kunes Auto & RV Group Presents Car Convos: The 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and The Western Illinois Animal Rescue

Published on Aug 17, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

In this episode of Kunes Car Convos


  • We meet Riley (a good boy) (1:10)
  • How did Jan Helms get into animal rescue? (7:10)
  • And Jan’s best memory at Western IL Animal Rescue (15:05)

Here at Kunes Auto Group, we're driven by more than the roar of an engine or the shine of a new car. We're propelled by our community, and this time, it's a four-legged cause that has captured our hearts

Driving Conversations Forward: A Kunes Car Convos Special with Western Illinois Animal Rescue

In this special episode of Kunes Car Convos, Lauren Johnson, our esteemed marketing manager, had a heart-to-heart with Jan Helms, the dedicated Treasurer of Western Illinois Animal Rescue (WIAR). Together, they dove deep into the world of animal rescue, with their special guest, a furry friend named Riley, who is on a quest for his forever home.

The 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer: Luxury With A Heart

Lauren and Jan hosted their car convo inside the lavish interior of the 2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Renowned as one of the premier SUVs in the market, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer seamlessly blends opulence with practicality. It's meticulously designed to ensure the safety of both children and pets. The vehicle boasts an impressive 75 inches of cutting-edge screen display throughout its cabin. Additionally, its digital rearview mirror guarantees drivers an unobstructed view of the rear, making sure that every journey is as safe as it is luxurious.

About Western Illinois Animal Rescue (WIAR)

WIAR isn't just any rescue; they have a heartwarming story that began in 2000. A group of big-hearted citizens from Warren County came together with a mission - to provide a loving and safe haven for animals in distress. Since its inception, WIAR has proudly embraced a “NO KILL” policy, a testament to their unwavering dedication to every animal. What's truly remarkable about them? They operate 100% on the energy and commitment of volunteers.

Jan's Journey: As the Grand Wagoneer smoothly cruised, Jan reminisced about her 16-year tenure as the Admin Assistant for Monmouth’s mayor. But it was her role at WIAR that transformed her life. Initially volunteering on a casual basis, she soon embraced the crucial role of treasurer. "I’m lucky to be with the animals, they’ve taught me a lot. They’ve probably taught me to be a better person too,” Jan reflected. "And at WIAR, I work with some of the best, most loving, giving, people you could ask for." 

Are You An Animal Enthusiast or Just Looking for A New Furry Friend?

Meet Riley:  While Lauren and Jan talked about WIAR, Riley was loving the ride in the backseat. He's a dog who adores human companionship and he’s available for adoption! Even though he gets along well with other dogs and even cats, his heart is set on being around people. Come visit Riley at WIAR to see if he’s the right companion for you!

Drop by WIAR at 300 W Harlem Ave Suite 5, Monmouth, IL.


Whether it's a weekday between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm or a special weekend appointment, their doors (except Sundays) are always open for love, cuddles, and potential adoptions.

Get Involved with WIAR

There’s an entire community behind WIAR, from the Warren County Animal Shelter to the Monmouth Small Animal Hospital, working in unity for the welfare of our furry pals. Keen to be part of this movement? 


Jump in at wiarrescue.com/get-involved.


And hey, don't forget the Doggy Wash event on Aug 26th!

Jan Helms is presented a $500 check for WIAR from two general managers from Kunes Auto Group

Kunes CDJR of Monmouth's Commitment

Our bond with the community doesn't end with conversations. We're proud to contribute $500 to WIAR, hoping it helps them in their mission. Because, at the end of the day, it's the harmonious blend of our community, people, and pets that make Monmouth truly special.

Curious about WIAR or want to spread the love? Share this article and enlighten others about this incredible organization. Together, let's drive change, one tail wag and engine roar at a time!

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