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Maximize Your Vehicle's Fuel Efficiency This Summer with Kunes Auto Group

Published on Jun 2, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Are you gearing up for summer road trips but worried about the cost of fuel? At Kunes Auto Group, we understand how important fuel efficiency is, especially during the summer months. This blog post will guide you through simple yet effective tips to maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency, helping you save money and enjoy your journey more!


Smooth Operator: Drive Steadily

Fuel efficiency begins with how you drive. Quick acceleration and harsh braking can cause fuel consumption to skyrocket. By maintaining a steady speed and anticipating traffic flow, you can significantly increase your car's miles per gallon.


Find Your Sweet Spot: Maintain an Efficient Speed

Every vehicle has its own "sweet spot" speed for maximum fuel efficiency, typically around 50-60 mph. Cruising at a higher speed can burn fuel more quickly. Remember, steady does it!


Cut the Idle Chatter: Avoid Unnecessary Idling

Leaving your car idling for more than a minute uses more fuel than restarting it. So, when you're stuck at a long light or waiting for a train, consider turning off the engine (only when safe and legal to do so).


Health Check: Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle performs best when it's well-taken care of. Regular oil changes, air filter replacements, and tune-ups at your local Kunes Service Center can significantly enhance your vehicle's performance, leading to better fuel efficiency.


Set It and Forget It: Use Cruise Control

On long highway drives, using cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed and conserve fuel. However, in hilly terrain, you're better off controlling the speed manually to prevent unnecessary acceleration.


Trim the Fat: Reduce Weight and Drag

Extra weight and aerodynamic drag can decrease fuel efficiency. Removing unnecessary items from your car and taking off roof racks when not in use can help improve your fuel economy.


Efficient Errands: Plan Your Trips

Consolidating errands into fewer trips can save both time and fuel. Cars tend to be less fuel-efficient during short trips, especially when the engine is cold.


Cool and Calculated: Use Air Conditioning Wisely

While air conditioning provides much-needed comfort during summer, it can also increase fuel consumption. Try to use it sparingly and consider using the fan or opening the windows when driving at lower speeds.


Choose the Right Gear: Smart Transmission Management

For manual vehicles, early but careful upshifting can reduce engine load and save fuel. In an automatic, always drive in the highest gear possible without causing the engine to labor.


Fuel Finesse: Use the Recommended Fuel

Ensure you're using the fuel recommended for your vehicle. Not all cars require premium gasoline, and using a higher octane than needed won't necessarily improve fuel efficiency.


Maximizing fuel efficiency doesn't require significant changes to your driving habits, just a few tweaks and regular maintenance. At Kunes Auto Group, we're committed to helping you get the most out of every gallon. Find your nearest Kunes Service Center and schedule a maintenance appointment to take the first step towards a more fuel-efficient summer!

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