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Rock Your Thanksgiving with Kunes Auto Group's Gratitude Playlist

Published on Nov 2, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

It’s that time of year again when we gather around the table, share stories, and, of course, feast on some delicious turkey! But what’s Thanksgiving without some awesome tunes to get us into the spirit of gratitude?


Well, Kunes Auto Group has got you covered with our Thanksgiving Hits: Songs of Gratitude and Appreciation Playlist on Spotify.

Why This Playlist Rocks

This isn't just any playlist. We’ve carefully picked each song to create the perfect Thanksgiving vibe. From Kelly Clarkson’s “Thankful” to Bon Jovi’s heartwarming “Thank You For Loving Me,” every track is a gem.


Here are some cool highlights:

  • “Kind & Generous” by Natalie Merchant: This song is like a warm hug, perfect for saying thanks to all the amazing people in our lives.
  • Dido’s “Thank You”: Ah, this classic! It’s like saying a sweet thank you to someone special while you pass the mashed potatoes.
  • Keith Urban’s “Thank You”: For the country fans out there, this song adds that special country flair to our playlist.
  • “A Thank You In Fives” by Dylan Ryche: An instrumental beauty that’s just right for when you’re chilling after the big meal.
  • Rita Ora’s “Grateful”: This one’s for those who love a bit of pop with their pumpkin pie!

More Than Just Music

At Kunes Auto Group, we believe in more than just selling cars. We're about creating experiences and memories. This playlist is our way of sharing the Thanksgiving spirit with you, whether you're driving to a family dinner or just hanging out at home.

Let’s Spread the Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, and these songs are our way of saying thanks to you, our awesome community. We hope this playlist becomes the soundtrack of your Thanksgiving this year.


Follow us on Spotify to discover more playlists to rock out to this season from Kunes Auto Group!

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