large gong inside of Kunes Chevrolet GMC of Elkhorn, WI dealership

Sounding the Gong at Kunes Auto Group: A Unique Vehicle Purchase Experience

Published on Jun 19, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Sounding the Gong at Kunes Auto Group: A Unique Vehicle Purchase Experience

At Kunes Auto Group, we relish in the harmony of unique traditions that connect diverse cultures worldwide. This year, we are excited to shine a spotlight on a significant instrument that holds a special place at many of our stores, an instrument with a rich history that originates from the Bronze Age in Tibet - the Gong.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, we commemorate the National Day of the Gong, a tribute to this multifaceted musical instrument that echoes in symphony orchestras and our auto group outlets alike.

As a unique quirk at many of our Kunes Auto Group stores, customers celebrate their new vehicle purchases - be it a car, truck, or SUV - by ringing a gong. This practice embodies our commitment to provide customer satisfaction and positive experiences. 

We invite you to partake in this special day, harmonizing our shared love for music and automobiles, as we resonate together in the spirit of the National Day of the Gong.

To learn more about National Day of the Gong, continue reading below!

The inception of the National Day of the Gong traces back to 2017, sparked by a devoted platform dedicated to broadening people's understanding of the gong's versatility and usage. As the years have passed, this holiday has garnered admiration and widespread acceptance among gong enthusiasts globally.

Hailing from Southwest Asia, the gong is a captivating instrument with numerous features. It can create a range of sounds, from a precisely tuned note to a dramatic crash, and comes in various sizes, adding to its allure and versatility.

The gong made its impactful entry into the Western World in the 18th century, and soon found a coveted place in orchestral compositions. Its unmistakable, reverberating sounds could evoke a range of emotions, making it a sought-after musical element. This allure of the gong led to establishing its exclusive annual celebration.

You might be wondering, how can you participate in the National Day of the Gong? If you have a gong, take a moment to immerse yourself in its unique sound. If not, seize the opportunity to become part of this global celebration when you purchase a new or used vehicle at any of our Kunes Auto Group locations. Experience the joy of marking your purchase by ringing one of our in-store gongs.