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The Future of Auto Repair: Kunes Auto Group on the "Right to Repair" Order's Impact

Published on Jun 30, 2023 by Matthew Kroll

Hello to all the auto enthusiasts and car owners! This is Kunes Auto Group, your trusted source for all things automotive. Today, we're addressing an important issue that has recently made the headlines in the auto world. We're discussing the NHTSA's new direction on the "Right to Repair" order.


The "Right to Repair" order is a hot topic that affects car owners, manufacturers, and dealerships alike. It focuses on allowing independent repair shops and consumers the freedom to repair their vehicles without being tied to the original manufacturers for parts and services.


As an established auto dealership, Kunes Auto Group stays informed about changes in the industry to help our customers understand how these shifts could impact them. Today, we're breaking down what the NHTSA's move could mean for you, your car, and your choices in auto repair and maintenance.


Impact on Auto Manufacturers


This NHTSA decision primarily targets big tech companies but doesn't leave the auto industry untouched. This decision may compel auto manufacturers to share diagnostic tools, equipment, and information previously kept exclusive to authorized repair centers.


What Does this Mean for Car Owners?


This shift in policy opens up a wide array of options for car owners. It's set to increase competition among repair shops, leading to potentially lower repair costs. Customers might enjoy more freedom to choose who services their vehicle, rather than being limited to manufacturer-approved centers.


What About Independent Repair Shops?


For the independent repair shops, this could be a game-changer. Access to the same diagnostic tools and information as the manufacturers will allow them to compete on an even playing field. They'll be equipped to provide comprehensive services to a wider range of vehicles.


The Role of Kunes Auto Group


Here at Kunes Auto Group, we value the trust that our customers put in us. We strive to provide excellent service and remain committed to being your number one choice for vehicle purchase, maintenance, and repairs. We're ready to adapt to the changes that come with the implementation of the "Right to Repair" order.


In the face of this new direction, we are taking measures to ensure that we continue to offer top-tier services that adhere to manufacturer standards, regardless of how the repair landscape might change. After all, our primary concern is always the satisfaction and safety of our valued customers.


We'll keep our readers and customers updated on the developments of the "Right to Repair" issue. As we navigate this changing landscape, you can rest assured that Kunes Auto Group will remain your reliable guide in all automotive matters.


Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Kunes Auto Group is here for you, ensuring that you always make an informed decision about your vehicle.

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