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The Jeep Gladiator Experience

Published on Mar 18, 2023 by Editorial Team

Jul 15, 2022

Is it a truck or a Jeep?… The answer is yes! The Jeep Gladiator is an exciting midsize truck that can satisfy the needs of a traditional truck owner, while maintaining the terrain-tested off-road prowess that Jeep has made legendary for so many years. When Jeep announced the return of the Gladiator namesake in 2018, many were excited to see a truck that once again donned the Jeep badge. Now, almost four years later, Gladiators are a common sight on your local roadways and are favored by off-road enthusiasts. 

We decided to jump in a new Jeep Gladiator SCA Performance with a Black Widow upfit and see what is truly possible with the Gladiator model. As with a traditional Jeep Wrangler, the Gladiator has a huge potential for upgrades and customization. The one we test drove included features like tube steps, upgraded tires, winch, remote start, and an upgraded interior. The Gladiator, as mentioned above, really combines that classic Jeep Wrangler feel with the utility of a pickup truck. 

This ride embodies a free spirited person who is ready for adventure and wants a truck that is ready to handle whatever is thrown its way. The Gladiator shines in functionality and style, while sticking to the classic Jeep mold of rugged simplicity. 

It is easy to see why many people love what Jeep has done with the Gladiator. Owners have a perfect platform for customization and off-road enhancements. The Black Widow upfitted Gladiator we test drove has proven that the possibilities are endless. The Gladiator is truly ready for battle, whether it’s on your city commute or in the off-road arena. 

Looking for a new or used Jeep Gladiator? View our available inventory across all Kunes Auto Group locations and start your adventures tomorrow!

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