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Tow Like a Pro: Picking the Perfect Tires for the Job

Published on Apr 26, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

So, you're ready to hitch up and tow that trailer, huh? Just make sure you've got the right tires on your car. The type of tires you pick can make a huge difference in keeping your ride safe and cozy. Picking the wrong tires could lead to an unsteady vehicle.


Let's talk about why picking the best tires for towing is a big deal, what to look for in your next set, and why Bridgestone Dueler tires are your go-to choice for all your towing adventures.


Tires Do Matter With Towing

If your tires don't give you the grip and control you need when towing, your vehicle won't perform at its best – even if it's got plenty of towing power. The extra weight from the trailer can mess with your car's handling, braking, and stability. The right tires, especially those made to handle extra weight, will keep you safe and dependable on the road.


5 Things to Look For in Tires For Towing

Looking for top-notch truck tires for towing? Here's what you should pay attention to.


  1. Toughness:  Towing can be rough on your tires. Make sure you get tires with extra durability and top-notch traction for all kinds of roads.
  2. Weight Limit:  One of the most crucial things to think about when shopping for towing tires is their weight limit. Your tires need to handle the added weight of the trailer and everything in it. Make sure your tires are rated for whatever you're towing.
  3. Tread Pattern:  The tread design is super important for grip and control. Get tires with a strong tread pattern for better traction on wet or snowy roads.
  4. All-Season Performance:  Your tires need to work well in all kinds of weather, like rain, snow, and ice. Find tires that are all-season or have special features for different weather situations.
  5. Driving Surfaces and Terrain:  Think about the terrain and driving conditions you'll face while towing. Find tires that can handle those situations, like bumpy roads and steep hills.


Bridgestone Dueler Tires: The Towing Champs

Need top-quality towing tires? Bridgestone Dueler tires have got your back. With amazing performance, toughness, and handling, Dueler tires are some of the best all-terrain tires for towing. Here's what makes Bridgestone Dueler tires perfect for towing:

  • Dueler tires are built tough to handle the extra stress that towing can cause.

  • Bridgestone Dueler tires can take on heavy loads, making them great for towing. Our tire pros will help you make sure your tires and tire pressures are just right for hauling.

  • The rugged tread design on Bridgestone Dueler tires gives you awesome traction on all types of surfaces, like wet or snowy roads and off-road conditions.

Bridgestone Dueler tires are strong but have a well-designed tread pattern for a quiet, smooth ride.


Why Pick Kunes Service Center For Your Bridgestone Dueler Tires?

Picking the right tires for towing is key to a safe and comfy ride. Rely on Bridgestone Dueler tires and the skilled techs at your local Kunes Service Center. We're your one-stop shop for everything auto – from truck and SUV tires to complete vehicle inspections, and more. Plus, we'll help you pick the right tires for your towing needs and install them the right way to make sure you're safe and comfortable on the road. 


For an exceptional towing experience backed by expert service, choose Kunes Service Center and Bridgestone Dueler tires – your ultimate partners in safety and comfort on the road.

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