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Understanding U.S. Electric Vehicle Adoption: Insights from Kunes Auto Group's COO

Published on May 24, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

In the realm of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are undoubtedly the future. However, they seem to be much more popular in some states than others. Based on a recent GOBankingRates survey, only 16.84% of people have owned an electric car, but an optimistic 50.33% say they might be buying one in the next five years.


But what does this mean for us at Kunes Auto Group? Well, our very own Chief Operating Officer, Scott Kunes, shared his insights on the topic in the article.


More Affordable EVs on the Horizon

Scott is of the belief that more affordable EVs are coming our way soon. As he put it, “We’re already seeing that as several manufacturers are lowering EV prices and others are making more affordable models.” This trend is likely to continue with increasing demand and more efficient manufacturing processes.


Yet, Scott points out a crucial aspect: EV adoption strategies will differ across regions. In his words, “What works for states like California won’t necessarily work for the rest of the country.” Factors like longer average trips, fewer charging stations, and colder temperatures all come into play.




How are States Doing?

To better understand the varying levels of EV adoption, let’s glance at the ten states leading the EV registrations per 1,000 people in 2022.


New Jersey: From just 2.58 EV registrations per 1,000 people in 2018 to 9.80 in 2022, New Jersey is swiftly catching up on the EV trend.


Arizona: Arizona has seen a more than fourfold increase in EV registrations from 2018, currently at 9.86 per 1,000 people.


Nevada: With a six-fold increase in five years, Nevada's EV registrations stand at 10.38 per 1,000 people.


District of Columbia: With 11.57 EV registrations per 1,000 people, D.C. is making impressive strides, showing almost six times more EVs on the road since 2017.


Colorado: At 11.84 registrations per 1,000 people, Colorado remains a consistent leader in EV adoption.


Vermont: Despite its small size, Vermont has a significant 12.55 EV registrations per 1,000 people, tripling its 2017 numbers.


Oregon: With 13.88 registrations per 1,000 people, Oregon’s EV ownership has multiplied over three-and-a-half times since 2017.


Washington: Washington, at 14.50 registrations per 1,000 people, has more than doubled its EV numbers since 2018.


Hawaii: A long-time leader, Hawaii boasts 15.43 EV registrations per 1,000 people, tripling its 2017 numbers.


California: The unchallenged leader, California, has 27.55 EV registrations per 1,000 people, more than triple its 2017 numbers.


Wrapping Up

As a family-owned and operated dealership group, we at Kunes Auto & RV Group are excited about this accelerating EV trend. We’re here to facilitate this journey towards sustainable transportation, offering our customers the latest and most affordable models in the market.


Stay tuned for more industry insights from our team and, as always, drive safe!


To read GOBankingRates’ full article, click here.

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