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Why You Should Clean and Detail Your Vehicle in Winter - Kunes Auto Group

Published on Mar 5, 2023 by Editorial Team

Jan 26, 2023


So you might be wondering, is it a good idea to get your car detailed in the winter? Well, it depends.


Normally, it’s better to get your car detailed in the warmer months because the cold weather canmake it harder to clean and dry your car properly. Plus, your vehicle might need some extracleaning since the salt and other chemicals that they put on the roads in the winter can be tough on your car’s paint.


This isn’t an issue for drivers who live in a place where the winter isn’t too harsh, because they can totally get their car detailed any time of the year.


There are actually a few benefits to getting your car detailed in the winter. First, it can protectyour car from all the harsh debris, salt, and chemicals on the road. Second, it will make it easierto see out of your windows which will also improve your safety. Having your vehicle detailed inthe winter will help keep the inside of your car clean and fresh. This is especially nice in thewinter months when debris and stains can build up from snow, slush, and salt. Detailing yourvehicle in the Winter can also help you identify and fix any problems before they turn into bigissues. Lastly, if you’re thinking of selling your car soon, giving it a nice deep clean will make it look nicer and worth more money.

But remember, if the winter where you live is super cold, it might be better to wait until it’swarmer to get your car detailed. Luckily, Kunes Auto and RV Group can give your vehicle thetime and attention it deserves with our professional detail service! Contact us today about

special pricing and detail packages that will give your vehicle that brand new look again.

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