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Your Comprehensive Guide to Harley Davidson GMC Sierra 1500 Lifted Truck by Tuscany

Published on Sep 19, 2023 by Matthew Kroll

The Harley Davidson GMC Sierra 1500 Lifted Truck by Tuscany is a collaborative effort between Harley Davidson, GMC, and Tuscany Motor Co. Tuscany Motor Co. is known for its specialty truck packages, and with the official Harley Davidson truck branding, the goal is to infuse the spirit of the iconic motorcycle brand into the rugged world of GMC trucks.

HArley Davidson Logo

Harley Davidson's History in Trucks

Harley Davidson aka Harley Davidson motor company, primarily known for its motorcycles, has never manufactured its own Harley Davidson truck. However, the brand's iconic status has led to collaborations with truck manufacturers and customizers, infusing trucks with the unique style and branding of Harley Davidson. Here's a brief overview of Harley Davidson's history in trucks:

Harley Davidson Ford F-150

Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition (2000-2012, 2019):


The first official collaboration between Harley Davidson and a truck manufacturer was with Ford, leading to the F-150 Harley Davidson edition. Introduced in 2000, this special edition truck featured distinctive Harley Davidson branding, unique paint schemes, and special interior trims.


Over the years, there were various iterations of this collaboration. These trucks typically featured unique wheels, badges, and interior details reflecting the motorcycle brand's style.


After a hiatus post-2012, a new Ford F-150 Harley Davidson edition was announced in 2019 by Tuscany Motor Co., an aftermarket customizer licensed by Ford and Harley Davidson to create this special edition.

GMC Sierra Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson GMC Sierra (2020s):


Expanding on the concept of the Harley Davidson-themed truck, Tuscany Motor Co. announced a partnership to produce a Harley Davidson-themed GMC Sierra. Like the Ford versions, this truck also features unique Harley Davidson branding, custom wheels, and interior upgrades.


Other Collaborations:


While the Ford F-150 and GMC Sierra are the most notable examples, there have been other instances where the Harley Davidson branding and aesthetic have been applied to vehicles or special projects, though these are typically limited runs or custom jobs.


It's essential to understand that while Harley Davidson has lent its name and branding to these collaborations, the motorcycles and trucks are very different entities. The trucks reflect the brand's style and culture but are not produced by Harley Davidson themselves. Instead, they're the result of collaborations with truck manufacturers and customizers looking to capture a bit of the iconic motorcycle brand's spirit in a four-wheeled format.

Harley Davidson GMC Trucks

Harley Davidson Trucks sitting in a field

Exterior Upgrades: Unique Harley-Davidson badging, custom grilles, custom wheels resembling those found on Harley motorcycles, and other aesthetic enhancements to give the truck a distinctive look.


Interior Upgrades: High-quality leather with Harley-Davidson branding, unique interior trim, badges, and other refinements to elevate the luxury feel inside the cabin.


Performance Upgrades: Some versions might include performance boosts, suspension enhancements, or other mechanical modifications to improve the driving experience.


Special Edition Numbering: These trucks often come with a limited edition numbering plate or badge, indicating its exclusivity.

Highlighted Features

Exterior Harley Brnading

Harley Davidson Branding: Prominent badging on the tailgate, doors, and elsewhere to signify the special edition.


Custom Grille: A unique grille often reflecting Harley Davidson's style.


Custom Paint: Distinctive paint jobs or details that draw from the Harley Davidson palette.


Custom Wheels: Wheels that are designed to mimic the style of Harley Davidson motorcycle wheels.

Harley Davidson Interior Brnading

Interior Design:


Leather Upholstery: High-quality leather seating, often with Harley Davidson branding or stitching.


Unique Interior Details: Custom floor mats, branded dashboard details, and door sill inserts.


Special Edition Numbering: A plate or badge indicating its exclusivity and limited-edition status.

Harley Davidson Shocks

Lift Kit: Many of these trucks come with a lift kit, raising the truck for a more aggressive stance.


Performance Exhaust: Some versions might include a custom exhaust for a unique sound.


Suspension Enhancements: Custom tuning or enhancements for improved ride and performance.

Harley Davidson Tires

Functional Upgrades:


Tonneau Cover: Some models come with a branded tonneau cover.


LED Lighting: Custom lighting solutions, including light bars or accent lighting.


Bigger Tires: Enhanced off-road or performance tires.

How many Harley Davidson GMCs are there?

As of the information available, 4,000 Harley Davidson-themed GMC Sierras were produced in collaboration with Tuscany Motor Co. This number represents a limited run, emphasizing the exclusivity and special nature of this edition.

Harley Davidson GMC Sierra Fuel Mileage

Fuel Pump

The fuel efficiency of the Harley Davidson GMC Sierra can vary depending on the model year, engine choice, drivetrain (2WD vs. 4WD), and other factors.


For a general overview, let's consider the GMC Sierra. The Sierra offers several engine options, including:


2.7L Turbo: EPA-estimated MPG for the 2.7L Turbo engine in the Sierra 1500 is around 20 MPG city and 23 MPG highway for 2WD models.


4.3L V6: The efficiency for this engine might be around 16 MPG city and 21 MPG highway for 2WD models.


5.3L V8 (with eAssist): This engine might get around 17 MPG city and 20 MPG highway for 2WD models.


5.3L V8 (without eAssist): The numbers can be around 15 MPG city and 21 MPG highway for 2WD models with the 6-speed automatic and 16 MPG city and 23 MPG highway for models with the 8-speed automatic.


6.2L V8: Fuel efficiency might be around 15 MPG city and 20 MPG highway for 2WD models.


3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel: This is the most fuel-efficient option for the Sierra 1500, with estimated figures around 23 MPG city and 30 MPG highway for 2WD models.


Remember, these are just approximate figures for the GMC Sierra 1500, and actual fuel efficiency can vary based on driving conditions, maintenance, and other factors. For the GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD, fuel efficiency figures can be different, especially considering they are heavier-duty trucks.

How much horsepower does the GMC Harley-Davidson edition have?

Harley Davidson Engine

Let's consider the engine options and their respective horsepower for the GMC Sierra 1500:


2.7L Turbo I4: The Harley Davidson GMC boasts 310 horsepower.


4.3L V6: Produces 285 horsepower.


5.3L V8: There are a couple of variations of this engine, but typically, they produce around 355 horsepower.


6.2L V8: Produces 420 horsepower.


3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel I6: Produces 277 horsepower.


Remember, these figures are specific to the GMC Sierra 1500. The Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD, which are the heavy-duty versions, have different engine options and power outputs.

Exterior Design of the Harley Davidson GMC Sierra

Exterior View of Harley Davidson Truck

The Harley Davidson edition of the GMC Sierra, crafted in collaboration with Tuscany Motor Co., is designed to reflect the iconic style and branding of Harley Davidson, sometimes donning the iconic bar and shield logo. While exact specifications can vary depending on the year and specific model of the truck, typical exterior features and design elements of the Harley Davidson-themed trucks by Tuscany include:

Distinctive Branding: Prominent Harley Davidson badges and graphics are usually placed on the tailgate, doors, and other parts of the vehicle to signify its special edition status.


Custom Grille: The front grille and front fender vents often features a design that reflects Harley Davidson's distinctive style, sometimes integrating the brand's logo or other unique design elements.


Unique Paint Scheme: The Harley Davidson edition might boast a special paint color or accents that draw from the brand's palette, such as the famous Harley Davidson black with contrasting striping or details.


Custom Wheels: The wheels on the truck are often custom-designed to resonate with Harley Davidson aesthetics, possibly mimicking styles found on their motorcycles.


Custom Fender Flares: These can provide a more aggressive and broad stance to the truck, aligning with the robust image of both the truck and motorcycle brand.


Tonneau Cover: Some models come with a branded tonneau cover featuring Harley Davidson logos or designs.


Custom Exhaust: Though this is also a performance feature, a custom exhaust can change the aesthetic of the rear end and give the truck a distinctive sound.


LED Lighting: Some trucks feature custom lighting solutions, such as light bars or Harley Davidson-branded puddle lights.


Upgraded Bumpers: Custom front and rear bumpers might be added for a more rugged appearance, often integrating other features like additional lighting.


Special Edition Numbering: To emphasize the exclusivity, the truck might have a plate or badge showing its limited-edition number.

Remember, while these features are typical of many Harley Davidson-themed trucks, the exact design elements and features can vary depending on the specific model year and any updates or changes Tuscany Motor Co. makes in collaboration with Harley Davidson.

Interior Design of the Harley Davidson GMC Sierra

Harley Davidson Interior

The interior design of the Harley Davidson edition GMC Sierra, produced in partnership with Tuscany Motor Co., is crafted to embody the spirit of the Harley Davidson brand while providing luxury and unique detailing. While specific features can vary by year and exact model, the typical interior features and design elements of Harley Davidson-themed trucks by Tuscany often include:

Leather Upholstery: Premium leather seating surfaces, often in colors or styles reminiscent of Harley Davidson motorcycles, with special stitching or branded emblems.


Branded Details: Elements like the largest Harley Davidson badge or name may be found embossed or stitched into the headrests, center console, or other areas including Harley Davidson billet pedals.


Special Edition Numbering: Many of these trucks feature an interior badge or plate indicating its specific number in the limited series and emphasizing its exclusivity.


Custom Floor Mats: Distinctive floor mats with Harley Davidson branding or patterns, providing both protection and style.


Unique Gauges and Instrumentation: The instrument cluster might feature custom graphics or backlight colors inspired by Harley Davidson aesthetics.


Accent Trims: Custom trim pieces, potentially in brushed aluminum, stainless steel, or other premium materials, echoing the mechanical and polished aesthetics of motorcycles.


Door Sill Inserts: Upon opening the door, there might be custom-branded door sill plates that greet occupants with the Harley Davidson name or logo.


Infotainment and Audio: Some editions may incorporate a custom audio system or infotainment graphics to match the theme.


Steering Wheel: The steering wheel might feature custom stitching, materials, or badging to align with the Harley Davidson brand.


Center Console: Apart from branding, the design or features of the center console could be modified to reflect a more custom and upscale feel.

These design elements aim to make the interior of the Harley Davidson GMC Sierra an embodiment of the motorcycle brand's spirit and heritage while ensuring passengers experience luxury and exclusivity.

Harley Davidson GMC Sierra Performance & Mechanical Upgrades

Harley Davidson Engine

The Harley Davidson edition GMC Sierra, a product of collaboration between GMC and Tuscany Motor Co., typically boasts a range of performance and mechanical upgrades to differentiate it from the standard Sierra models and to make it worthy of the Harley Davidson branding. While specifics can vary based on the year and model, common performance and mechanical upgrades might include:

Lift Kit: Many of the Harley Davidson trucks produced by Tuscany feature a lift, often ranging from 2 to 6 inches, to give the truck a more imposing stance and improved off-road capability.


Performance Exhaust: Custom exhaust systems that not only offer a unique, throatier sound but may also provide slight performance improvements.


Performance Air Intake: Enhancements to the air intake system can provide better airflow to the engine, possibly boosting horsepower and torque.


Custom Wheels and Tires: Larger, uniquely designed wheels and all-terrain tires that improve the truck's aesthetics, road grip, and off-road prowess.


Upgraded Shocks and Suspension: To handle the added lift and provide a comfortable ride, the trucks often have upgraded shock absorbers and suspension components.


Bigger Brake Rotors and Calipers: To handle the increased size and potential weight from the upgrades, braking systems might be enhanced.


Performance Tuning: While not always present, some models may feature engine or transmission tuning for better performance metrics.


Enhanced Steering: Changes or calibrations to the steering system can offer a more responsive and tailored driving experience, especially with the added lift and larger tires.


Differential Upgrades: Depending on the model and its intended use, there could be modifications or upgrades to the differential for better off-road capabilities or towing performance.


Additional Mechanical Protection: With lifted trucks, sometimes additional skid plates or protective elements are added to shield vital components when off-roading.

Harley Davidson GMC Sierra Functional Upgrades

Harley Davidson Side Steps

When referencing functional upgrades for the Harley Davidson edition GMC Sierra, crafted in partnership with Tuscany Motor Co., we're looking at modifications and additions that enhance the usability, comfort, safety, and practicality of the truck beyond just performance and aesthetics. While specifics can vary by model year and exact configurations, here are some potential functional upgrades for the Harley Davidson-themed Sierra:

Tonneau Cover: A custom-branded, lockable tonneau cover can protect the truck bed and its contents from the elements and theft.


Bed Liner: An added or upgraded bed liner can provide better protection for the bed from scratches, dents, and rust.


Tow Hooks: Robust, often chrome or powder-coated tow hooks can be added to the front, providing practicality for recovery operations.


LED Lighting: Custom LED lighting solutions, such as fog lights, light bars, or cargo bed lighting, enhance visibility and safety.


Side Steps or Running Boards: Given the lifted nature of many of these trucks, custom Harley Davidson-branded side steps or running boards can aid in entry and exit.


Cargo Management Systems: Custom bed organizers, storage boxes, or rail systems can increase the versatility and practicality of the truck bed.


Upgraded Infotainment System: Enhancements to the infotainment system, such as custom Harley Davidson graphics ,improved navigation diagonal head up display, and connectivity features.


Advanced Safety Features: While many GMC Sierras come with a suite of safety features, additional systems or enhancements like rear cross traffic braking, a rear camera mirror, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, rear park assist, or custom backup cameras can be added.


Enhanced Towing Features: Upgrades like trailer brake controllers, adjustable towing mirrors, or advanced camera systems for trailer monitoring might be incorporated.


Off-road Functionalities: Skid plates to protect the undercarriage, rock sliders, or even winch systems can be added for those looking to use the truck in more rugged conditions.


These functional upgrades ensure that the Harley Davidson GMC Sierra is not only a statement of style and performance but also a practical vehicle that meets the diverse needs of its users.

Harley Davidson GMC Sierra Price and Value

Price Tag

The price for such special edition vehicles, especially when crafted in collaboration with companies like Tuscany Motor Co., can vary considerably based on a range of factors:

Base Model: The starting price would be influenced by the specific GMC Sierra model and trim level chosen such as the rock guard trim for the Harley Davidson edition.


Extent of Modifications: The number and type of modifications, both aesthetic and mechanical, can significantly influence the final price.


Exclusivity: Given that these are often limited-edition models, the exclusivity can command a premium.


Dealer Markup: Depending on demand and the rarity of the vehicle, dealerships might mark up the price, especially if it's a sought-after edition.


Geographical Location: Prices can vary by region based on factors like shipping costs, demand, and regional promotions.


Year of Manufacture: As with all vehicles, the model year can influence the price, with newer models typically costing more than older ones.


Resale Value: The resale value of such special edition trucks might be higher than standard versions due to their limited availability and unique features. However, this would also depend on factors like maintenance, mileage, and overall condition.

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