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Kunes Car Convos: First Time Buyer Series Episode 4

Published on Apr 11, 2024 by Cassie Gould

First Time Buyer Series: "Everything Finance"

In this episode of Kunes Car Convos...

  • 0:40 - David's Years in the Business
  • 2:17 - What Even is the Finance Department
  • 6:40 - Finance Vocab Lesson
  • 17:34 - David's Biggest Advice for Buyers

If you're a first time car buyer and looking for what you should know. We go in depth on the everything finance in the car buying journey.

A Sneak Peek into the Car Buying Journey

For many people who are buying their first car. The idea may be daunting and scary.


Kunes however, is lifting the hood and giving you all the details from people who know best. In this video we are gonna cover everything finance.

Walking into the Finance Department

When it comes to things you need to bring to the finance department, an ID is always needed, proof of income (usually last two pay stubs), and proof of auto insurance. Sometimes they may need to see proof of residence, so a utlity bill may be needed. If you do need another thing, they usually can print things needed at the dealership.


As David says "this is the fun part, with all the fun paperwork". Once a number is agreed upon between you and the sales person, the finance manager will recieve a paperwork with all the information and then will look through and find a financial insitution that will give you the best deal and bang for your buck.


This can vary on the time frame, but usually it can be done same day. But above all else, ASK QUESTIONS.


If you end up getting a rate that is not as favorable, refinancing is always at option at most dealerships.

Demystifying Terminology

There are no stupid questions, especially when you are buying for the first time so if you don't not understand something, never be afraid to speak up and ask for more explanation.


  • GAP: (Gauranteed Asset Protection) when a vehicle is totaled, if the worth of the car is less than your remaining balance on your loan, gap will cover that remaining difference up to a certain amount (150% for Kunes Auto Group)
  • APR: (Annual Percentage Rate) your interest rate on the loan for the whole year

Add Ons

There can be different add ons to the vehicle in the finance department, the most common one being vehicle service contracts that act almost as an extended warranty, for when something inevitably goes wrong with the vehicle.


Exclusionary coverage is something that Kunes offers that covers anything under manufacturer warranty up to 3 years, 36,000 miles that will be $0 at any Kunes locations and $100 nationwide. Which pretty much covers everything on the vehicle except wearable items.

The Biggest Rule of Thumb

When it comes to starting your car buying journey, the biggest rule of thumb is to do your research and educate yourself on the car market. 

What's Next?

Next in my journey, is to buy my car! Stay tune to learn what I end up choosing!

Shopping for a car is different for everyone, everywhere. Kunes Auto Group hopes to create a knowledge experience for any type of buyer!

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