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Everything First Time Car Buyers Need to Know

The First Steps....

When it comes to starting your car search there are a few main points:

  • Starting the search online can help you narrow down what yoy are looking for from the comfort of your home.
  • Taking a look at the monthly payment can help you swallow the pill of this big purchase and can help you determine what you can afford to spend
  • Service contracts can be an important add on to any used car purchase
  • If you are worried about finding a loan to afford the car, consider allowing the dealership to do the heavy lifting
  • Putting money down when possible, is a necessity to help you save money on your car purchase.

Learn more about what can help you starting the search:

Matt and Megan McGuiness, experienced car buyers

In this episode...

  • 0:50 - The Search Begins....
  • 3:05 - How Can I Afford a Car?  
  • 10:26 - What Car Should I Buy
  • 14:47 - The Biggest Rule of Thumb

Getting Into the Car Buying Specifics

Diving Deeper Into the Car Buying Journey:

  • Anytime is a good time to buy a car.
  • It is a great experience and never hurts to have something with you along the way.
  • Knowing what you want is okay, but always show up with an open mind.
  • Carfax is a great resource to check out and can easily be accessed.
  • Money off the car is often offered and make sure are getting your bang for your buck.
  • Consider checking out leases if you don't want to commit to a car long term.
  • Always take the car for a nice test drive.

Want to learn more, check out the episode below:

Matt and Megan McGuiness, experienced car buyers

In this episode...

1:27 - Sharing the Buying Experience
2:45 - Picking out the Car 
5:37 - Carfax for Dummies
14:26 - The Biggest Rule of Thumb

Picking Out The Car with Sales Team

When you arrive to the dealership to look for your future car:

  • Make sure to bring your driver's license, car insurance, and pay stub
  • Have a conversation with a sale person to get their expertise 
  • Take a couple cars for a test drive to determine if it is really what you want
    • Take them on a back road or highway to test the acceleration
    • Check out the tires as they help you determine the condition of the car
  • Bringing another person can be helpful for another opinion
  • Miles and conditions affect the price of the car; detailing your trade in can help you get the most for it
  • When given the option, a cosigner with established credit can help you recieve a better rate

Learn more about the sales process:

Mike T, General Manager, Kunes CDJR of Oregon

In this episode..

  • 0:27 - Mike T's Years in the business
  • 1:40 - Stepping Foot on the Lot
  • 5:50 - How is a Car Priced
  • 8:30 - Test Driving Horror Stories

Entering the Finance Department

When you arrive at the finance department:

  • Make sure you still have your ID, proof of income, and insurance (and sometimes proof of residency)
  • It can take various amount of time but can usually be done same day
  • Refinancing is always an option if you get an unfavorable rate
  • Add ons can help for when something goes wrong

Learn more about dealership finance:

David Horowitz, Finance Manager, Kunes Chevy GMC of Elkhorn

In this episode...

  • 0:40 - David's Years in the Business
  • 2:17 - What Even is the Finance Department
  • 6:40 - Finance Vocab Lesson
  • 17:34 - David's Biggest Advice for Buyers

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